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We love to be teased or kissed softly all over. Each BDSM session is as unique as the participants involved. We are here to serve and be the perfect slave of your dreams.

At SGL we offer a perfect submissive experience, unique to each gentleman and we have a deep underlying need to serve and be obedient.

We have a particular fervour for Traditional English Corporal Punishment (CP), BDSM, Role Play Fantasies and Sensual Personal services, for the gent who wishes to relax.

We also take pleasure in switching roles and giving CP or Domination to wayward men. As Submissive young ladies we endeavour to give you the perfect Fetish experience. We love to offer a genuine service which is unique to each gentleman as we have an eager need to serve and entertain!


Sir will be entertained in a fully equipped playroom filled with bondage furniture, restraints, toys and implements, and our play times range from brief sessions to several hours. We relish in dressing-up to pleasure you and are well versed at a variety of roleplay scenarios. Naughty schoolgirls, Wayward daughters, and Slutty maids or if Rubber or Leather is your guilty pleasure, and we love to indulge you.

Whether you are an experienced Master enjoying giving Corporal Punishment from Spanking to Caning, or exploring BDSM for the first time we are very accommodating and endeavour to give you the most enthusiastic and sensual sweet escape. We love an older well-mannered gentleman who can teach us their ways of behaviour.


Corporal Punishment

SGL is the perfect establishment for gentlemen who enjoy the art of traditional CP. Our playroom is perfectly equipped for this with junior and senior implements including paddles, tawse’s, slippers, straps, and a selection of canes. We also look delightful on our Bondage Cross, Spanking Bench, or bent over our school desk to position the bottom as a sight to behold. 

We always deliver to the highest standard and adore a good old-fashioned bare-bottom spanking for our misdemeanours. If that has not taught us our lesson then a slipper, tawse or caning may suffice! We want you to take control and put us in our place! 

The role of an insubordinate adult schoolgirl in need of correction is one of our favourite sessions. Has the naughty girl been cheeky in class or is her skirt too short and slutty? Whatever the misdemeanour I am sure you are left with no choice but to take her over the knee for a jolly good old-fashioned spanking on the bare bottom. We enjoy all submissive CP scenarios and are sure to delight you with our lovely bottoms. We are delighted to bring you an authentic CP experience which brings enjoyment, excitement, and pleasure. 


We look a treat positioned over the Spanking Bench or school desk ready for you to leave your mark. We also dress to please with Summer or Winter traditional or slutty uniforms, our PT uniforms, and our nighties for boarding school outfits. Some of our cherished roleplays include naughty adult schoolgirl, a forgetful tarty secretary, a naughty nurse, a wayward delinquent niece, or stepdaughter and that of a disobedient house maid being corrected by the Master of the house. In a cute doll-like uniform, white panties, and seamed stockings we have a tendency to use our sexual charms to seduce the Master when punishment is imminent. 

We are sure to delight you with our gorgeous bottoms.

Roleplay Fantasy

SGL is a space where you can explore taboo, erotic, and exciting roleplays. The scenario may be simple and impromptus, or it can be sophisticated and in need of props and a script. Share with us your deepest desire and we will craft together an unforgettable fantasy.


We relish in indulging your every fantasy and desire. We dress to please in an array of kinky uniforms and outfits, completed with seamed stockings for all the sheer sensations.

Roleplays can be as simple or as detailed as you wish. 



Boss and employee

Teacher and student

Master and slave

Handyman and housewife

Personal trainer and student

Husband and wife




BDSM Slave Girl

At SGL, we work to give you a divine session of Servitude where you can have control over a beautiful woman. We are obedient but if found sometimes naughty we will take our punishment like a good true submissive. We are your pure play-toy and as natural submissive’s we are very aroused and thrive when a powerful man tells us exactly what to do. We will wait on our knees for you. We are grateful for your Discipline and have an array of kinky implements to be used on us. Flogging can include cat-of-nine tails, canes, tawse’s, straps, paddles, and crops. We tend to sigh and moan sweetly with the pain-pleasure of the clamps placed on our intimate parts.

We have a whole variety of bondage toys from light restraints, to Tie and Tease and hog-tie. Being restrained sends shivers down our spines, a tingle in our panties and are we are gratified by you, making us erotically vulnerable and helpless.

We find beauty being bound under your full control. With our variety of bondage instruments and floggers you can be assured to find our vulnerable bodies waiting for your teasing or tormenting pleasure. As we wait in anticipation for your next move, we quiver with excitement as you unleash your dominant nature and give us your finest discipline. There is nothing more we wish for than for you to experience our most exquisite servitude. We thrive on being told exactly what to do and to be punished if we are a handful for our Master. Our collection of implements will give you many ideas of what games to play. Extreme restraint from spreader-poles, blindfolds, or gags to feathers and wax, let the erotic session proceed! Bring out our urges with orgasm denial. There is nothing more sexually pleasing than your submissive struggling with a gag in her mouth. If you want some more teasing, why not tie us up and give us an erotic tickling session under your cruel gaze, having us captured with no escape and completely helpless. We are grateful to abide by your every command, submitting to your demands and if we are good and take our punishment like a good slave would we get a reward?


We are very versatile when it comes to role exchange and rapture in the position of a strict head girl, or a ravishing mistress. As Submissive’s we understand the experience of the receiver and are extra sensitive to the limits of that person when they are sufficiently punished.


This is the art of a fulfilling discipline session, and you can be taken to your highest limits, or we can introduce you to CP or domination. If you want to explore being punished for the first time from spanking to an accurate caning or a bondage session with a beautiful alpha female, then we can embrace your desires and take control of you.

Let us teach you obedience…



“I have visited SGL regularly and I must compliment the wonderful Emily, who I've known for a while and will make all your arrangements and look after you when you arrive. She is welcoming, kind, and no-nonsense. I look forward to her opening the door to me with a broad smile and she's made every one of my visits special. SGL's new playroom in Pimlico is truly a wonder to behold, full of magical devices & implements - some of which I've already enjoyed and others I look forward to experimenting with in the future. Not only that, but the collection is growing and so it seems I will never get to work my way through it all! The apartment is always warm and clean, as are all the facilities there. My most recent visit was to meet Eliza for the first time. You will never meet a more graceful, beautiful girl. She was demure, thoughtful, and so very attentive. We enjoyed an incredibly sexy light bondage session, in which she was divinely submissive, and she enjoyed the cross and the restraints that we used. Every visit to SGL is a unique experience which is part of the magic, and I am always looking forward to my next session.” - Dan

“I met Angela yesterday and was blown away. She was stunning in a maid uniform and played her role brilliantly. I had a foot fetish, tickling, spanking and bondage session that gave me a great chance to explore her perfectly shaped body. We also switched roles, so we had fun all round. Originally booked for Angela for an hour but added another 30 minutes to the visit. Angela is a great person to talk to. I was put at ease for my first visit. Definitely would recommend a visit to see Angela to fulfil your fantasies. Angela is one amazing lady.” - John

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