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It is our delight to welcome you, Sir.

The correction and discipline that you give us is our absolute pleasure!

Submissive Girls London is the perfect luxury establishment in London, SW1, for authentic Traditional Corporal Punishment, Fantasy Roleplay, Spanking, BDSM and Sensual Kink.

At SGL we offer a perfect submissive experience, unique to each gentleman and we have a deep underlying need to serve and be obedient.


SGL is the perfect establishment for gentlemen who enjoy the art of traditional CP. Our playroom is perfectly equipped for this with junior and senior implements including paddles, tawse’s, slippers, straps, and a selection of canes. We also look delightful on our Bondage Cross, Spanking Bench, or bent over our school desk to position the bottom as a sight to behold. 


SGL is a space where you can explore taboo, erotic, and exciting roleplays. The scenario may be simple and impromptus, or it can be sophisticated and in need of props and a script. Share with us your deepest desire and we will craft together an unforgettable fantasy.

We relish in indulging your every fantasy and desire. We dress to please in an array of kinky uniforms and outfits, completed with seamed stockings for all the sheer sensations.

Roleplays can be as simple or as detailed as you wish. 



Lilly is the Adventurous Minx

Have fun with me and let me show you that I am grateful for my discipline. I enjoy the feeling of the cuffs around my wrists to the whip of the cane. Punishment is what I crave!


Please check availability using the enquiry box below or ring direct.


Eliza is Enduring & Captivating

Let me enchant you with my endearing nature and innocent look so that you, as my Master can have full control over me - to play with me or tell me what to do. I am here to take your worries away and let your stress disappear by serving you Sir!


Please check availability using the enquiry box below or ring direct.


Angela is the Submissive Sweetheart

Tie me up and tease me Sir, to finish with a good spanking because I love to be taught how to behave and I love to play the innocent, helpless at the mercy of her master’s demands.


Please check availability using the enquiry box below or ring direct.


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The Kinky In-call Playroom in London, SW1

10 AM – 8 PM 

+44 79 6003 5310

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“I made a long overdue return to this wonderful establishment tonight and was once again greeted by Emily, who remembered my tea, and understood that London traffic is unreliable. Lilly remembered our last meeting and entered into her excellent roleplay. An admission of poor behaviour followed, and firm smacked bottom administered. Lilly makes delightful noises during her punishment and was justly rewarded for her stoicism.  I then wrote on the board the number of strokes she was to receive and after each five, a little break and soothing oil applied, made Lilly cancel the set and return for her next five, changed canes and continued after a photograph showing her the marks she now had. Mutual pleasuring ensued, Lilly is authentic and utterly delightful, a genuine submissive who plays at an amazing level. Thank you, Lilly and Emily, for making my visit as memorable as the last.” - John G 

“I have been lucky to visit Lilly at SGL on a couple of occasions. As previously, I am welcomed by the friendly and knowledgeable receptionist Emily and offered a drink. Drink supplied, I have a couple of minutes to contemplate the variety of implements neatly arranged around the room, before there is a knock at the door. I say, "Come in" and Lilly enters. I have asked her to choose her outfit, this has varied from the demure girl-next-door look to the decidedly erotic, sheer stockings, perhaps with suspenders, and skimpy underwear. For sure, always sexy. There is a sweet smile on her face, but an impish glint in her eye that suggests we'll have some fun here! Then she speaks, "Hello sir", in her delightful European accent. Lilly is enchanting, slender and very pretty, with sweet breasts and a really cute bum, perfect for spanking. No surprise then, that we waste little time in discarding her clothing, so that she is ready for a sound over-my-knee spanking, which she clearly enjoys; she moans and squeals as her cheeks turn a lovely shade of pinky-red. We pause the discipline - it's time for me to pleasure Lilly, that's only fair after all, and what a lovely reaction I get to the attention I give her, sublime! Lilly recovered, she turns her attention to me, using her fingers and hands, lips and tongue in delectable ways, to thrill and enthral me, wonderful, mmm. Lilly appears concerned that I have forgotten that she should receive her punishment. Sometimes she can provide good reason for this to be carried out, other times not, but she still insists that I fulfil my promise. I select the implements to be used, a cane or two, and a tawse this time, a good number of strokes to be applied. I leave to your imagination whether Lilly bends over the bench (this is enchanting as her bottom, inner cheeks and pussy are exposed perfectly), or is cuffed to the St. Andrews Cross, equally exciting. The strokes I apply are firm, hard even, and the way that Lilly accepts these shows she is truly submissive. Earlier I mentioned fairness, and should I choose, Lilly will return the favour by spanking me, and even using the cane. It's only fair she says, as she tells me how many strokes I will receive, oohh. That done, Lilly shows her concern by taking perfect care of my personal desires. Thank you, Lilly! No surprise, perhaps, that Lilly has my wholehearted recommendation, a glorious variety of experiences with a deliciously true submissive and exquisite lover of kink. Should you choose to meet her, be firm with her, of course, but please be fair, and she will reward you in such luscious, scrumptious ways, oh yes!” - Steve

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